Avati space

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Is opening in May 2024

A place in
the heart

Come to the heart of Prague where both beginning and experienced course creators meet and share their knowledge.

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What makes our space special for you and your clients?

2 multifunctional halls

The space is consciously designed so that you (the lecturer) and your clients feel perfectly relaxed.

• The rooms are soundproof
• Heated and air-conditioned
• Comfortable mattresses and other equipment

There are also facilities for lecturers, a room for therapy, massages, changing rooms and showers. We also have technical facilities for you – screens, speakers and more.

2 minutes from the Švandovo divadlo

We are located next to the bus stop, 2 minutes by bus from the Švandovo divadlo or 10 minutes on foot from the center of Nový Smíchov and the Anděl metro station. The place is close to the Sacre Coeur park and the wonderful Kinsky Gardens.

The space has a magical statue of the male-female principle Avati. There is an exciting story behind the statue, which you can read here.

What kind of program are we creating for you?

All kinds of exercises

Yoga, dance and ecstatic dance and more.
For all ages.

Meditation, therapy, rituals

Men’s and women’s circles, massages, therapy.

Workshops, seminars

Lectures, training, presentations.

Why was Avati created?

We bring together creators under one roof

“We were looking for a place where people could open up to change and move forward on their life’s journey. It makes sense for us to help people by providing them with space and facilities where they can relax and unwind.

We searched for a long time, and finally we found a space in Kobrova street, where we decided to create a multifunctional center for meditation, seminars, yoga or perhaps mindful drawing.”

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What we would like to tell you

Centrum Avati Olda

Oldřich Příklenk III

“For me, one work phase is ending with a successful exit of a company. But I know that this business success would not have been possible without personal development, and if we did not pay attention to the mutual development of our partner relationship. On my journey I came to this realization gradually and at the same time met a lot of inspiring people due to my personal development.

I would like others to have the same opportunity. That’s why we organize this space – to give back.”

Centrum Avati Mariana

Mariana Příklenková

“A person with an open heart can do things in life that seemed unimaginable to him before, and he is satisfied and happy with himself.

In recent years, I have seen a great transformation of people who have opened their hearts in this way. And that’s why it makes a lot of sense for me to support people by giving them a space and a background where they can open up and relax at the same time.”

Take a look at how the space looks like

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Where to find us?

Kobrova 3354/5, Praha 5 Smíchov

What is going on in Avati?

We are preparing many events. Take a look at interesting stories or upcoming events

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