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Is opening in May 2024

A place in
the heart

Come to the heart of Prague where both beginning and experienced course creators meet and share their knowledge.

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Current program

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What do clients say about us?

Marianka and Olda are people with big hearts. They are empathetic, humane, accommodating.

Our cooperation on family games was pleasant, in a friendly spirit. A great and direct arrangement that can be relied upon. I am very grateful that we can cooperate and create together meaningful projects that develop interpersonal relationships, support humanity, openness and affection, help strengthen family ties through the most natural activity, which is play.

Thanks for being who you are.
Dita & Petr, Mlýn Jamky
I worked with Mariánka for 3 years and together we organized women's circles in Prague. Mariánka is an excellent organizer and everything she organizes is light and joyful. Working with her was beautiful and seamless. She is an inspiring and capable woman. He has excellent communication skills and a nice charisma. Thank you Mariánka for allowing me to be with you and spend time in your presence.
I have known Mariana and Olda for many years. I must say that over the years I have observed how much energy they have, how wonderful and straightforward people are, willing to devote their time and energy to others. How many projects and activities they have and how they manage everything even with such a large family is worth admiring. Whether you make friendly or professional contact with them, it will definitely be worth it. You will recognize their charm at the first meeting.

Avati is a magical space. Although it is large, it is nevertheless compact and cozy. You can see how much energy and love is put into it. Avati is created with a great vision to be a haven for many beautiful seminars and personal experiences. I myself am very much looking forward to being able to work there. So don't hesitate and go there to experience it yourself.

What kind of program are we creating for you?

All kinds of exercises

Yoga, dance and ecstatic dance and more.
For all ages.

Meditation, therapy, rituals

Men’s and women’s circles, massages, therapy.

Workshops, seminars

Lectures, training, presentations.

About lecturers

Inspiring creators under one roof

Meet the lecturers who create their programs for you at Avati.

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Where to find us?

Kobrova 3354/5, Praha 5 Smíchov

What is going on in Avati?

We are preparing many events. Take a look at interesting stories or upcoming events

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